• Concept Design
  • Proof PDF’s
  • Final Image(s)
  • +  Style Guide
  • +  Alt. Version(s)
  • +  3d Model
  • +  3d Renders
  • +  Native File(s)


  • Starting Screens
  • Custom Emojis
  • Stream Panels
  • +  Intro / Outro Vid(s)
  • +  Custom Music
  • +  Animation(s)
  • +  Stream Overlay
  • & More


  • Print Media
  • Concept Art
  • Video Production
  • Visual Effects
  • Audio Engineering
  • Voice Over
  • 3d Modeling
  • Model Texturing

** The “+” symbol indicates a premium item or upgrade.

It’s all about you.

and your brand

It’s true. You are my sole priority throughout the entire process. You, and your brand, are my focus. Second only to your target audience. Which is exactly how it should be. Far too often “wishy-washy” designers fall short of their commitments to the role.

We are not here to serve the art of the world, let’s not be Hipsters here. Not in this field. We are here to provide a service to those in need. While it’s not as noble as I am attempting to make it sound here, it is nonetheless my

goal. To bring true professionalism, perfection, and beauty to an otherwise watered down craft. I want to be different from the “others”, your previous designers.

Art aside, I want you to feel like your needs are important to me — because my friend, they are. Because If you are happy, you will come back. That is what matters. Yes, the design will be wonderful, that is the easy part. I invest my talents in to art, into people, into yours and my future. Invest with me, invest in me.

Put the pro to work — for you.

How it works.



Generally, the concept phase can last the longest in the overall design timeline. It is very important to lock down any changes to the design during this phase. As this is often the simplest time to make changes in the process.

Concepts are free, up to 3.



Here we are at the FIRST round of revisions. This phase is pretty important because here you can really make use of your allotted revisions. But only if you feel the design needs to change. 

Revisions are free — up to 3. Not to exceed 10 in total.



Surprisingly this is the least tedious stage in the process typically. Depending on what is being done of course. Here is where we lay out the “final form” of the item to be designed.

Simpler from a back-and-forth standpoint, not design-wise.



Speak now or forever hold your peace. This is when we make any and ALL final revisions. Not to exceed 10 per job. Revise Wisely.

And Then…



Your design is now complete.

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